Starts: 13-09-2021

Ends: 24-02-2022

Begin registration: 02-07-2021

End registration: 13-09-2021

No. of places: 40

Fees: 350,00 €


Credits ECTS: 10

This X edition supposes a clear consolidation of this course format, whose contents always have great acceptance by students. This diploma is linked to a strategic line of training in legal and bioethical aspects for health and non-health professionals in health and social health organizations, institutions and services.

At present, all processes, protocols, clinical and care guidelines have variables legal and bioethical that must necessarily be incorporated. These variables incorporate rights of the patients, and their inclusion implies malpractice.

This training action through some modules and in an academic dynamics e-learning will address issues related to the legal structure of the National Health System (SNS), the legal-professional framework of the rights of patients, the legal responsibility of health professionals, bioethics (principles of autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence and justice, and the deliberative method), and the current situation and development of the Committees from Care Ethics.

Currently, professionals need comprehensive training, and the legal dimension of This training is something every day more essential and almost decisive

In this edition we will analyze in a relevant way the health regulatory changes linked to the crisis health generated by Covid-19.


  1. Analyze the legal structure of the National Health System.
  2. Study and identify the rights of patients.
  3. Identify the bases of the legal responsibility of health professionals and managers.
  4. Reflect and debate based on practical cases from bioethics, its principles and the deliberative method.
  5. Dimension the tasks, functions and development of the Committees. Health Care Ethics (CEA).
  6. Analyze the main legal conflicts related to Covid-19.

The teacher-coordinator of this training action is Jos & eacute; Mar & iacute; a Antequera Vinagre. Professor of Health and Bioethics Law. National School of Health. Planning Department and Health Economics.

The contents and teaching dynamics will be located in the Virtual Campus of the Carlos III Health Institute.

Important: the basic aspects will be studied, and the legal content will be adapted to the profile of healthcare professionals.

Module I . Basic regulatory framework of the National System of Health (SNS). Legal framework linked to the Covid-19 health crisis.

Module II . Basic legal standards for professionals, patients and teams managers.

Module III . The rights of patients in health services: information, informed consent, privacy, confidentiality. Criminal reproach and sanctioning for violations of the rights of patients.

Module IV . Fundamental rights in the field of health care. Dynamics and conflicts of fundamental rights. Analysis during the health crisis Covid-19.

Module V . Evolution and current situation of Bioethics. Beginning inspiring, deliberative method and developments of the Committees Health Care Ethics (CEA). Committee of Social and Health Ethics. The Committee of Bioethics of Spain.

Module VI . Criminal and patrimonial responsibility for health damage to patients and users.

The training action takes place in an environment of the Virtual Campus of the Carlos III Health Institute (https://campus.isciii.es/) It is a totally online course. ENROLLED STUDENTS WILL STILL RECEIVE A EXHAUSTIVE ACADEMIC GUIDE ON THE GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE COURSE.

The student on said platform will find in each of the Modules the following structure Academic (some module may have a different scheme due to the nature of the contents):

  • Video-Lessons: 10 per module that develop the teaching content proposed in the Module. Mandatory viewing.
  • A mini-theme in pdf that develops the basic teaching content. Mandatory
  • A Discussion Forum with an open question linked to the contents of the Module
  • A Forum of Teaching Doubts about the contents of the Module.
  • Tasks (Clinical-Legal Sessions). Mandatory activity.

Students will be in a position to obtain the accrediting Diploma if they pass the exam on Test exam of February 24, 2022:

  1. It should take a questionnaire of 50 test questions (with three answer options).
  2. The duration of the exam will be one hour and a half.
  3. It will be arranged of 2 opportunities to carry it out.
  4. To acquire full SUITABLE status, in addition to taking the test exam, you must view all the videos, read the mini-topics, and perform the required tasks.
Antequera Vinagre, José María
  • Assistant healthcare professionals, healthcare and non-healthcare professionals with managerial responsibility in health and social health centers.
  • Law students who want to know the legal and bioethical problems in the healthcare institutions
  • Lawyers who wish to know from a multidisciplinary perspective the legal cases that have their origin in healthcare.

(Important notice: academic content will be adapted to a healthcare professional profile)